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Elaborarea unei curricule comune privind antreprenoriatul social și formarea/mentoratul care să ofere cursanților adulți acces la oportunități inovatoare de învățare non-formală de înaltă calitate, bazate pe solutii digitale

The project intends to develop, implement and test a new approach to promote creativity, entrepreneurial thinking, digital solutions for social innovation empowering adult learners to contribute to the sustainable development of the communities in which the six partner organizations are embedded.

The project’s main objective is developing social entrepreneurial approaches based on digital tools and practical training program for adult learners and improve competences of adult educators by involving partners coming from academic field, private and civil society representing Western, Central, and Eastern European countries.

Our project goal supports 2 important topics of the EU’s agenda:

1) Make digital transformation work for people and businesses, while helping to achieve its sustainable economic development targets

2) People’s capacities to be entrepreneurial, manage complex information, think autonomously and creatively, use resources smartly, and communicate effectively.

Specific Project Objectives:

PO 1 – Develop social entrepreneurial approaches and quality training program for adult learners, developing their entrepreneurship potential, capabilities and skills, including relevant and viable models developed by partners

PO 2 – Improve social entrepreneurial competences among partners’ staff, adult educators and social entrepreneurs

PO 3 – Establish an on-line network for adult educators, and mentors to share e- learning resources, experience and best practices

PO 4 – Create a transnational network of adult learning centers to strengthen cooperation and networking of partner organizations carrying out social entrepreneurship education

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